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Mission Statement: ‘We live, love and learn with Jesus.’
Eco Mission Statement: ‘We are a clean, green eco-machine.’
Motto: ‘They can because they think they can.’

Carleton House Mission Review Day – September 2022

This year’s mission review day for staff focused on our school community as a centre of faith, led by our mission statement ‘We live, love and learn with Jesus.’

Scripture is at the centre of our faith life and we started the morning by reflecting on the words of John’s Gospel, ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’

Continuing this theme, we reflected that our mission statement contains references to the Gospel Values, for example faithfulness, tolerance and service. These values run through everything we strive for at Carleton House; our ethos – the practical ways in which we live out the mission – are actually demonstrations of these values in practice.

Staff observed several inspirational examples of faith in actions, including Pope John Paul II’s visited to the man who attempted to murder him at the Vatican.

An important part of Catholic Life at Carleton House is self-evaluation, considering what we do well and what we want to develop. Staff mapped ideas and examples that will support the Catholic Self-Evaluation Document, answering questions such as ‘To what extent does the school provide for those from other faiths and belief traditions?’

This year the school is also aiming for the CAFOD Live Simply award. This requires the school community to live simply, in solidarity and sustainably with the local and global community. The staff together pledged to take up this challenge, bearing witnesses to God’s great gifts.

The day was very positive and productive, providing time for all staff and governors to join together and reaffirm our commitment to the school’s mission.

“The session was thought provoking and it was inspiring to hear the ethos of the school being discussed, reviewed and affirmed in such an interactive manner with staff and representation from the parent body. An inspiring way to begin a new academic year.”

Feedback from one of our Governors.