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Our Aims and Objectives

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We live, love and learn with Jesus. ‘Walk with me, Oh my Lord.’

Carleton House’s ethos is welcoming and inclusive. We are a community that puts Christ at the centre of all we do.

We demonstrate this in the ways we teach, interact and support each other.


We follow in Jesus’s footsteps by

  • Being kind
  • Forgiving
  • Caring in our community
  • Working hard and celebrating success
  • Supporting each other
  • Welcoming everyone
  • Supporting charity
  • Being his hands and feet


To provide children with the opportunity to journey with Christ; to experience and participate in a community based on the teaching of the Catholic Church,

  • By providing daily acts of collective worship in class and as a whole school.
  • By developing the children’s sense of wonder through the teaching of RE and collective worship.
  • By studying scripture and responding, through class work and individual expression.
  • By experiencing the mass, prayer and interaction with the parish priest, laity and the community.
  • By taking part in the sacraments of initiation.

To promote and develop the Gospel values,

  • By developing a behaviour policy that reflects our aspirations as a Catholic school; to demonstrate the importance of reflection and forgiveness in light of Jesus’s example.
  • By leading children by example; demonstrating respect and tolerance, friendship, care and generosity.
  • By providing opportunities for children to have responsibilities and, in turn, lead by example.
  • By promoting an ethos that is welcoming to families of all faiths and cultures; by demonstrating, through interaction and Jesus’s example, that our community is dedicated to equality.

To create a Catholic community that supports the church, the family and the individual,

  • By supporting the parish sacramental programme.
  • By sharing celebrations and collective worship with parents and members of the community.
  • By providing children with a range of opportunities to reach their potential; to be reflective, confident and outward-looking.

To give every child a voice, a sense of value and a belief that they are made in the image of God,

  • By working to support charities and reflect on the value of each of us as an individual.
  • By providing each child with an opportunity to have their voice heard and to appreciate their value in the community of the Catholic Church.
  • By promoting self-worth in RE, RSE and PSHE teaching; creating a culture of respect and freedom for personal growth.

To develop children that are happy and ambitious.

  • By celebrating every individual’s achievements throughout the year.
  • By nurturing children who feel safe.
  • By offering a school and staff that are welcoming and inclusive.