Carleton in harmony

Music is an integral part of school life. The Carol Concert and a variety of school plays, performed throughout the year, means there is always something to sing about. The school has been successful in a number of Merseyside choral and speech festivals.
Children are encouraged to play a variety of instruments. Guitar, piano and woodwind are taught by specialist teachers during school hours.


There are twice weekly classes for juniors and once weekly for infants. Lessons are based on the QCA work schemes and include:

  • Developing the singing voice
  • Using known songs to develop control of pulse and rhythm
  • Recognise changes in, and control, pitch
  • Use the thinking voice
  • Develop awareness of simple structures
  • How to express the meaning of songs
  • Breathing, dynamics and accuracy of pitch
  • How to improve tone production and use diction and other vocal techniques
  • Understanding phrasing and other musical structures


Infants have the opportunity to perform at the Nativity at Christmas and the End of Year Awards Celebration. Juniors perform at Carol service each December, End of year musical in June and the Awards Celebration.
Years 4 and 5 also spend the spring term working on a Classical music project in conjunction with the RLPO. This culminates in a visit to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and participation in an interactive concert.
We run a choir for members of Years 4, 5 and 6. They also perform at the Carol Service and Awards ceremony. In addition to this they enter the LDCSA Choir Festival and are often invited to perform at the Metropolitan Cathedral in December.