Developing the whole child

At Carleton House we believe in helping children discover and achieve their full potential. This means a very active extra curricular timetable, including visits to the theatre, science fairs and museums and a variety of field trips.

Broadening horizons

Year 5 children spend a weekend at Manor Adventure Centre in Shropshire where they have the opportunity to be introduced to archery, orienteering, a mini-caving system and various adventure activities. This is often the first time children have spent time away from home on their own – a big step that is fully supported by Carleton staff. Year 6 pupils spend a week on a residential course, aimed at covering as wide a range of activities as possible, giving the children new and varied experiences, in order to help build their confidence, self-esteem and independence.

Learning to give

As part of our Catholic School ethos and to develop children’s moral and social perspective, we give a high priority to working with charities and supporting community projects and initiatives. Money is raised for a variety of good causes locally, nationally and internationally and we play an active role in the South Liverpool community with well-established links to our local parish, Bishop Eton, schools and community projects.

Dancing steps

Musical Theatre is offered to boys and girls from Nursery to Year 2. The children are taught by Ms Foley who has been teaching at Carleton for many years.