Our Values

Learning and growing together

Carleton House is an independent primary school in Liverpool and was established by a group of parents in the early 1970s in response to the closure of its forerunner school, Woolton Hall Preparatory School. The school was established to preserve the traditions and values of a unique Catholic Preparatory School. From the beginning we have been committed to both academic excellence and the creation of a positive and affirming pastoral environment.

We recognise the unique value of all our children and focus on helping them to develop their talents and potential. We are more than a place of learning. We are a place of growth, discovery and celebration. Above all we are a family – a diverse, welcoming community rooted in our core faith values.

Since opening in 1974 at Lyndhurst Road, Mossley Hill in Liverpool, we have gone from strength to strength, faithful to our traditions and founding values.

Carleton House re-located to Menlove Avenue, Calderstones in Autumn 2009 marking an important step in the school’s development and reinforcing our reputation as Merseyside’s leading co-ed Prep School for the 21st century.

Our mission statements & motto

Mission Statement: ‘We live, love and learn with Jesus.’

Eco Mission Statement: ‘We are a clean, green eco-machine.’

Motto: ‘They can because they think they can.’